Kawa Geiger Woolley 15m

Last Unofficial Practice day at WGC Narromine

Last Unofficial Practice Day at WGC Narromine Tobi Geiger, Sebastian Kawa and Adam Woolley preparing to fly in 15m Class on the last unofficial praqctice day at WGC Narromine. Sebastian Kawa from Poland is at Narromine to defend his 15m Class World Gliding Championship title.…
Last Unofficial Practice day at WGC Narromine
R1 1

Series 12 FAI SGP Dates Announced

Series 12 FAI Sailplane Grand Prix qualifying contests, dates Announced The venues and dates for the 12th series of FAI Sailplane Grand Prix (SGP) national contests have been announced. The national contests are qualifying events for the 12th Sailplane Grand Prix final which…

6th FAI Junior European Gliding Championship

After five racing days with mixed weather the Junior European championships in Amborg Denmark concluded with winners declared in Club and Standard Classes. Standard Class - Overall 1st: Lukás Kríž CZE 2nd: Jaromír Macoun CZE 3rd: Michaela Rendlova CZE Club Class - Overall 1st:…

12th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship - Champions Declared

After eight racing days at Garray, Spain, the Women's World Gliding Champions have been decided in three classes . Club Class1 HG Louise Rodriguez 6,4862 6L Michaela Krizova 6,4443 FOX Daniela Wilden 6,375 Standard Class1 JB Barbora Moravcova 8,7042 JPA Aude Untersee 8,6563 AX…
Cornelia Schaich

FAI Gliding Awards 2022

The 2022 FAI Gliding Awards were announced at the annual IGC Plenary meeting in Copenhagen February 2023 Jana Veprekova recipient of the Lilienthal Gliding Medal 2022. Lilienthal Gliding Medal The Lilienthal Gliding Medal 2022, the most highly regarded soaring award in the…
P2 Alan Dean

Sailplane Grand Prix Gawler Finishes in Style

Pete Temple SGP Gawler Champion The weather on the final day of SGP Gawler After 6 Races on the final day Gawler provided magnificent soaring conditions. A trough crossed the task area bringing 12,000ft plus cloudbases and 10 kt plus climbs throughout the task area. The 313.9 km…
Giorgio Galetto Winner e4glide

Giorgio Galetto Wins E4Glide at St Auban

Giorgio Galetto after winning e4Glide By Sean Young On the first two days of e4glide, the weather provided good soaring conditions. Matthew Scutter, the winner of the two previous eGlide competitions came 1st on Day 1. It was a good start to defend his title. Giorgio Galetto…
SGP Poland 7

Sailplane Grand Prix Series 11 - Australia and South Africa

With the successful completion of the French National FAI SGP at Vinon the 11th series of the FAI SGP has now moved to the southern hemisphere events. The next event will be held at Gawler in Australia 2 - 8 of January 2023. Gawler was the host for the first ever SGP event and…

Giorgio Galetto

Giorgio Galetto talks to Sean Young about his flight on Day 5 E4Glide St Auban

Luka Znidarsic

Luka Znidarsic the creator of the Friint Engine System, FES, talks to Sean Young about the development of FES on Day 6 E4Glide St Auban
Day5 tracking

e4glide - Live Tracking

Follow the racing action at e4flide, St Auban with live tracking and commentary Live Trackinng and Commentary Day 5 Tracking Day 3 Tracking
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Winners Declared at SGP Vinon

On the final podium of SGP Vinon Mike Young with 30 points took 1st place followed by Erik Borgmann 2nd with 29 points and Maximilian Seis 3rd with 27 points. The last SGP in Northern Hemisphere is over.Congratulations to Mike Young and Erik Borgmann for winning their ticket for…