Pociūnai has held many international competitions. The area is renouned for having variqable weather.

There can be low cloudbase, strong winds, weak thermals and only four flying days during a competition.Or there could be with 600 km tasks, high speeds and fly 13 out of possible 13 days. We will have to wait until the start of the competition, but the dates 2 - 16 July give me positive vibes that we will enjoy a good competition.

Area surrounding Pociūnai is flat. Lithuanias highest point is 293m. In most cases you will find open fields but some areas have more rivers lakes and forests especially south part close to border of Belarus. As everybody knows this variety improves and diversifies the weather.

Tasks can be every direction from Pociūnai except north-east because of control airspace restrictions. If our area is too small for the weather we have no problems to extend the task area into Poland which is has a lot of forests and lakes.

Linas Miežlaiškis