Szeged 2 Aug SY 072

Tilo Holighaus with the Australian 20m team, Allan Barnes and Harry Medlicott.

The previous two days were affected by a low pressure system with srtong winds and difficult conditions. Day 10 at Szeged promissed to be an excellent soaring day with low winds and  cumulus to over 2000m. Racing tasks of 750 km were set  for 18m ans Open classes. The 20m class was set a 646 km  task.

The weather for the rest of the weeks lookd similar with growing heat and higher convection. The last four days of the competition will be tiring for the pilots. But everyone is looking forward to some great competition flying and a strong finish to the championships.

Szeged 2 Aug SY 07 Copy

Szeged 2 Aug SY 09 Copy

Szeged 2 Aug SY 044

Szeged 2 Aug SY 0222

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