Sebastian Kawa WGC Benalla


After a busy Northern summer now is the time to check your IGC Ranking and see how you are placed. Login at and make sure that your information is correct and up to date. Is your IGC number showing you as the pilot? Have you received the correct amount of ranking points for the competitions you have participated in? Is your photo and email up to date? If we can help you with something regarding your profile please let us know. Full list of IGC rankings.

Pilots should check their profiles and see if the results from the comps they have flown are uploaded and correctly assigned. We still have the problem with double profiles being created because organizers report pilots to be new to the RL when, in fact, they have a profile already - which means that the pilots don't get their ranking points assigned to them, instead it is assigned to a new profile with the same name.

If pilots are observant they will recognize the mistake early on and can notify us so that we can correct the mistake and correctly assign the ranking points. Also, sometimes organizers state wrong id's by mistake, which means that another pilot gets the ranking points. So check your details and scores and let us know of any errors.


IGC World No 1 ranked pilot Sebastian Kawa. Pictured receiving a day win dedal at WGC Benalla 2017.



IGC World No 2 ranked pilot Michael Sommer

Ventus3 Wolfgang Janowitz Landing Benalla Jan 17

IGC World No 3 ranked pilot Wolfgang Janowitsch flying at WGC Benalla. 

Makato Ichikawa


IGC World No 5 ranked pilot Mak Ichikawa