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WWGC Lake Keepit LAnd D1 293


The weather forecast was for another good day with a later finish. An official rest day was declared for Saturday, when the weather was expected to be weaker and cooler. With much enthusiasm and hope, the fleet was launched. However, early starters – perhaps…
WWGC Lake Keepit 7 Jan SY 0557

Big tasks and Fast Racing at WWGC Lake Keepit

Australian Ailsa McMillan won Day 4 of the championships in 18m Class flying 571.75km at 151.92 kph The showers that crossed the area last night brought little rain (1mm), however, they did clear the air of some of the smoke. The weather forecast was for a…
WWGC Lake Keepit 7 Jan SY 573

WWGC Day 3 Redux - Good Racing Day

Alena Netusilova , Czech Republic won her second day in 18m Class The smoke that has been a major factor of the weather situation in eastern Australia over the last several weeks is still here, but today the visibility was expected to be much improved. After…

Smoke Cancels Day 3 at WWGC Lake Keepit

Barbora Moravcova, Czech Republic, Club Class, looking forward to her flight. Once again the forecast weather became a bit weaker overnight. However a good thermal day was predicted at briefing by weatherman Dave Shorter. Overnight the easterly sea breeze had…

WWGC Lake Keepit Day 2 Racing

The first gliders back were three Australians in Standard Class – Lisa Trotter, Claire Scutter and Cath Conway – who arrived in a line together with Sarah Arnold from the USA. Lisa said that they had all left ahead of the rest of the field. ‘The first 70km…
WWGC Lake Keepit LAnd D1 339

WWGC Lake Keepit Big Day One

Alena Netusilova, Czech Republic, winning the first day for WWGC Lake Keepit in a JS3. The weather forecast for today deteriorated slightly over night. The high pressure system centred in the ocean to the east of Australia brought more stable conditions. A…

WWGC Lake Keepit Begins

The opening ceremony for WWGC Lake Keepit took place on 3 January. The teams from the ten competing countries lined up at the launch point of runway 32 in sunshine and heat. With the unprecedented weather patterns occurring now over Eastern Australia, the…
WWGC mast

Women's World Gliding Championships Lake Keepit Program

WWGC Lake Keepit begins on 3 January. With the unprecedented weather patterns occurring now over Eastern Australia, the competition promises to be fascinating and brings the possibility of incredible soaring conditions, providing the flying area is not…
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E Glide Concept Contest Pavullo

Markus Uhlig flew in the E-Glide Concept Contest in September. Here are his impressions of this new type of glider contest where engine use is allowed. Major advances have been made in the technology of electro mobility recently, not just for the automotive…

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