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Partnership Opportunities

Sailplane Grand Prix – IGC Pilot Rankings – World & Continental Gliding Championships

The FAI and IGC have a great opportunity for companies to partner with the Sailplane Grand Prix, the IGC Pilots Ranking list and the World Gliding Championships official websites.

Sailplane Grand Prix

The Sailplane Grand Prix is now in its 11th series. Since 2005, the SGP has been the avant-garde of the sport of gliding, providing sophisticated and entertaining coverage of the sport, and pioneering the use of live tracking, video coverage, live commentary and analysis. For glider pilots worldwide, coverage of the SGPs has become gripping and essential viewing. No matter what timezone they are in, pilots stay up late or get up early so as not to miss top class, live event coverage of the races.

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IGC Pilots Ranking List

The IGC Pilots Ranking List details the competition history and world ranking of more than 10,000 pilots who each receive an international ranking position based on their results in gliding competitions held worldwide. Competition pilots regularly visit the Ranking List to check on their own position as well as see how their rivals and peers are performing. Selection committees and anyone with an interest in gliding competitions are a captive audience.



World and European Gliding Championships

During 2022, four WGCs and the European Gliding Championships will take place. World Gliding Championships will cover all the events and be viewed by the competing pilots and country organisations that will be competing in the upcoming WGCs. Joining them will be a large audience around the world who need to keep up with the races and results. Coverage will include the pilots and teams with news, tracking, video and analysis of the events.

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SPR Newsletter

The SPR Newsletter is a digest of all newly added articles with links to the website and an avid readership across pilots all over the world. It is a dynamic and direct way reach the heart of the worldwide gliding community and greatly adds to the combined value of partnership and branded advertising on the main websites.


The combination of the Sailplane Grand Prix, IGC Ranking List, and World Gliding Championships give companies powerful and unique international access to glider pilots everywhere.

Competition glider pilots are the drivers of new glider sales – they need the newest machines to win contests, install the latest avionics and accessories, and purchase apparel. They are leaders and educators in gliding clubs all around the world. They are the influencers and highest spending pilots in the sport.
There is no more powerful way to reach world of gliding than through the combination of sgp.aero, igcrankings.fai.org and spraero.news

Partnership Opportunities
Who should advertise?

Any organisation in the gliding and ancilliary markets will benefit from reaching this worldwide audience.
Sailplane manufacturers
Avionics suppliers
Apparel and accessory suppliers
Aviation insurance and financial service companies
Resellers and online suppliers
Gliding schools and soaring centres

Any organisation that would be enhanced by association with the exhilarating and beautiful sport of gliding with its cutting edge technology, clean green image, sustainability and its positive blue sky future.

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