St Auban

Due to the uncertainty of future travel restrictions and national restrictions affecting gliding the following changes are being made to the 2020 SGP events schedule.

FAI/SGP FRANCE 2020 RION-DES-LANDES Previously 2nd to 9th of MAY 2020
This will now be held 2nd to 8th of May 2021


FAI/SGP SWEDEN 2020 BORAS Previously 10th to 15th May 2020
This will now be held from 9th to 15th of May 2021


FAI/SGP USA 2020 BERMUDA HIGH. Currently 10TH TO 16TH May 2020
The 2020 event is still on schedule with a confirmation decision on the April 10th. If it is not possible to hold the contest in May 2020 there will be a postponement to September 2020.


FAI/SGP SPAIN 2020 LA CERDANYA Currently 21st May to 6th June 2020
This will now be held from the 30th August to the 5th September 2020


FAI/SGP ITALY 2020 VARESE Currently 20th June to 27th June 2020
This will now be held from the 19th to 26th June 2021


FAI/SGP RUSSIA 2020 USMAN Remains 25th August to 1st September 2020


There is no change to the 10th series FAI/SGP final.
This will be held at St Auban in France in from 26th August to the 4th September 2021

The FAI/SGP team appreciate the support and co-operation of all the national event organisers.


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