Following the postponement of the 2020 WGCs in Germany and France, the IGC Bureau has decided to postpone the entire FAI World Gliding Championship schedule, as well as the European Gliding Championships, for one year. See the revised schedule below.


* The 36th FAI WGC 18 Meter, 20 Meter Multi-seat and Open Class will take place in Stendal, Germany in July 2021.

* The 36th FAI WGC 15 Meter, Standard and Club Class will take place in Montluçon, France in August 2021. Unfortunately, Chalons was unable to host the event in 2021. The French Gliding Association (FFVP) has, in collaboration with the club in Montluçon, presented a revised bid that has been reviewed by the IGC manager and accepted by the IGC Bureau. The competition area is flatland. Prices, entry fee etc are as in the original bid from Chalons. FFVP and IGC will work closely with the organisers to assure the quality of the event.

* To compensate for the one year delay of the Junior World Gliding Championships, the 5th European Gliding Championships in Pociunai, Lithuania, has been moved forward to July 2021. The competition will be open for junior pilots from abroad.
* The 4th Pan-American Gliding Championships in Luis Eduardo Magalhaes, Brazil remains in 2021.


* The entire 2021 program has been delayed to 2022.


* The entire 2022 program has been delayed to 2023, but please note that the dates for the 37th WGC 15 Meter, Standard and Club Class in Narromine remain unchanged in January 2023. This separates the WGC in Australia from the IGC in Uvalde, Texas USA by 18 months.

* The 5th Pan-American Gliding Championships in Hutchinson, Kansas USA remain in 2023.


* The 2023 program moves to 2024. The organisers of the JWGC in Ostrow have not yet confirmed the proposed new dates.

The FAI/IGC calendar will be updated as soon as possible.

As a consequence of this rescheduling, the IGC Bureau will not call for new bids for the 2021 Plenary in Copenhagen. The 2024 WGCs have been assigned by this shift of organisers.

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