Rene Vidal winner race3

The weather for the 3rd race of SGP Chile was much improved compared to the previous days with climbs in the mountains above 3,500m. A 349km task was set, but according to today’s winner Rene Vidal, it was the launch sequence that set the day up for the top pilots.

Rene said, ‘Unfortunately, some people who took the launch later were not able to climb enough to start with the maximum altitude, which was 2,400m. I was one of the first tows so I was lucky to get to the right altitude and that made a big difference.

 Race3 task

One group went to the ridge after the start and we stayed in the high system. It gave us the chance to go to Los Andes Valley and then the Animita Pass, which was very important. Then we could climb to 3,500m, and then 500m above that, and we could do the task easily. The guys who could not get above 3,000m struggled.’

At the end of the race, Rene came home 13 minutes ahead of Giles Navas in 2nd place, followed by Jurgen Wenzel in 3rd. Jurgen is now top of the board with 19 points, but there are still four more racing days to go.

 Race3 track


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