The European Gliding Championships Prievidza Slovakia

After 12 Flying Days Champions in Standard, Club and 15 m classes were declared at the 20th EGC.


In Club class Tom Arscott from Great Britain beat his teammate G Dale into to take the championship title. G came 2nd and Uwe Wahlig from Germany came in 3rd..


In Standard class Pavel Louzecky from Czechia took 1st place followed by German Robert in 2nd and Miloslav Cink from Czechia in 3rd.


In 15-meter class Sebastian Kawa from Poland once again prevailed and has added another continental championship to his impressive total of wins. Maximilian Seis from France came 2nd followed by Jan Omsels from Germany in 3rd place.

Germany once again took the team cup. The 2nd place was taken the team of the Czechia.
And in 3rd place won the French team.